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We've rebanded...

...Introducing Starpoint Dance Company

Lessons are varied  to include all genres of dance:  ballet, tap contemporary, ballroom, latin and gymnastics.    All dances are originally choreographed and cater for all ages and abilities.

Unlike many other dance schools Starpoint work towards performances and competitions rather than grades, meaning every lesson is energetic and fun.

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Starpoint Welcomes All

Dance classes, holiday workshops, adult classes and dance parties

Starpoint is committed to getting the very best out of every one of their students & making every lesson fun, inspiring and inclusive.   Personal growth, confidence and pride are at the very heart of our school


Upcoming Dates: 

Easter Workshop: 2nd - 4th April
July Workshop: 29th - 31st July
August Workshop: 19th - 21st August
Halloween Workshop: 28th - 30th October

Annual Show: 3rd November


St Saviours School, Larkhall, Bath

Wednesday -  3:45-4:45 Minis, Midis & Juniors

Wednesday - 3:45-5:15 Extension Class for Midis & Juniors

Wednesday - 4:15-5:45 Young Seniors (new year 7's)

Wednesday - 5:15-6:00 Pre-comp Class

Wednesday -  5:15-6:45 Seniors

Friday - 4:00-5:00 Beginners Class

Friday - 4:00-5:00 Minis, Midis & Juniors

Friday - 5:00-7:00 Technique & Competition Class

£10 per hour class

Wait List Classes

Due to high requests, we have opened a wait list for 3 new classes, which will begin once we have 12 dancers on the list. These classes will be held on Wednesdays and last 45 minuets.


- TAP with Michelle - 6:45-7:30

- LYRICAL/CONTEMPORARY with ballet & technique with Edie - 6:45-7:30

- MUSICAL THEATRE with Millie - 6:45-7:30


For exisitng dancers with us these are charged at £6.

These classes are open to any midi, junior or senior.

For the tap class we do have some tap shoes available 

For more info or to book your place please contact us: / 07710 440071

Instagram: boogienbath_starpoint_dance_co

Bath Life & Creative Bath Awards 2023


Disney 2022

We've made our Disney debut! In July, 12 of our seniors put on an amazing 20 minute 'Greatest Showman' inspired piece on the Euro Disney Stage. They recieved so much praise from Disney staff; we're so proud all them all!


Showcase 2022


Holiday Workshops

3 day workshops

All workshops start with games to make sure we all get to know each other and start to feel at home.  Each day then consists of:

  • Stretch and strength session

  • Practising dance technique

  • Learning dances

  • Own choreography

  • Show to family and friends on the last day

All food is provided throughout

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Weekly Classes

Classes for all ages and abilities

Every lesson includes a flexibility session followed by a session learning and practising dance skills.  For the remainder of the class dancers learn dance routines to popular songs


Childrens' Parties

A fun hour learning an original dance of the party boy/girls choice

We can provide as little or as much as you require - bespoke dance lessons, food packages and party bag options all available

Your birthday boy or girl will be made to feel very special and the star of their own show!

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